Would you like to get involved with and/or help support our ministry?  Please contact us for more information about any of the opportunities detailed below. If you would like to support us financially, donations are tax-deductible as 1% NO MORE INC. is a California Public Benefit Corporation 501(c)3.   Thank you for your interest in helping in the fight against human trafficking!

Friday Nights Team
(3 Hour Training Required Before Participating)

Friday Nights Santa Ana Outreach – Our team of trained individuals have been very busy volunteering tirelessly to continue to reach out to the victims on Harbor Blvd., in Santa Ana every Friday night along with members from other local churches. Together we are creating relationships with the victims in Santa Ana and we are helping victims understand that they are not forgotten, and God loves them and has a purpose and a plan for their lives. We are so blessed by all God is doing in this tract and through His faithful servants.

Together we are raising the 1%!

*Keep a look out for our next training for individuals who are interested in joining in on our” Friday Nights Outreaches.”

Beloved Bracelets
(No Training required)
Bracelet Sponsor’s – Teehee Engineering, Inc. & HH Machine

Beloved Bracelets – Have been created to bring awareness about sex-trafficking to our communities as well as serve as a “Life-Line” to the victims they are given to. Each bracelet is labeled,” Beloved”, we want the victims to understand that they are precious daughters of The Most High God, they are His “Beloved” and they have not been forgotten. All bracelets include the txt # BEFREE on the inside of the bracelets, this is the national 24-hour hotline for victims to txt for help.
Together we are raising the 1%!
* Keep a lookout for our next “Beloved Bracelet Workshop”.

Day Outreaches
(short training just before the outreach begins)

Day Outreaches – Senate Bill 1193 requires specific businesses to display a resource # for human trafficking rescue in a visible location within the establishment. Our goal is to flood our community and cities with the human trafficking poster specifically designed by the county and ask them to hang the flyers in a location where victims will potentially see them. The posters display the 24/7 hotline: 1-888-373-7888 and text line: BEFREE managed by the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. The main targets for these outreaches are hair & nail salons, cellular providers, clothing stores, massage parlors, convenience markets, motels, hotels, churches and schools.
Together we are raising the 1%!
* Keep a lookout for our next “Day Outreach”.

CSI – Cyber Sex Investigators
(4 Hour Training Required)
(WOMEN ONLY / 21 years and older)

CSI – Cyber Sex Investigators – This group of volunteers are trained in a basic course of how to use “Open Source Intel” web sites to locate a victim. This is comprised for Women Only, 21 years and older as they will be reviewing the websites victims are posted on. Their primary responsibility is to reach out to the victims on the websites and contact them via phone/email to and let them know we are praying for them and God has a plan and a purpose for their lives.
Together we are raising the 1%!
*Keep a look out for our next training for individuals who are interested in joining our “CSI Team.”

Education Team
(3 Hour Training)
Education Outreaches –
Our Free Education Class Meets the CA Senate Bill 1165 Requirement

SB 1165 has amended the California Education Code to add sexual abuse and sex trafficking to the sexual health education. SB 1165
• Recommends sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education for junior high and high school students.
• Encourages school districts to collaborate with outside consultants with expertise in sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education, including law enforcement, to create school safety plans to address the threat of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.
• Requires sexual abuse and sex trafficking prevention education in subsequent revisions of the health Framework for California Public Schools.

*Consistent with existing law, parents will have the right to review the material and opt out.

Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Course

Our group of awareness and prevention educators will come to your school, church, youth programs, Community Centers, club/organization/company, motel/hotel and Foster Care Centers. We offer a FREE of charge anti – human trafficking education course to spread awareness and offer tools and tactics to help prevent victimization. Our FREE, knowledgeable, interactive, and engaging class is curbed and adapted to all ages with the focus being geared toward our youth. The Free education highlights the following: Victim Profile – Who is the primary target; Recruiting tactics used by perpetrators; Warning signs of a dangerous relationship; Easy to implement safety practices; and Resources on how to identify a potential victim of human trafficking, how to identify a potential trafficker and who to contact in the case of suspected human trafficking.
Together we are raising the 1%!
*Keep a look out for our next educators course or FREE education class nearest you!